In the hospitality industry, specifically in the realm of hotels, losing a room for a night is not just lost revenue, it’s one less guest that chooses your establishment over another. Because of this concern, we make it our goal to always have everything in line so that when we renovate we do not let your hotel or any of its rooms be down for long.

We get you back in service as swiftly as possible so that your guests can experience your hotel at it’s best. While we complete our projects on time, we also make sure that the work that we perform is up to code and abides by our contractor’s license. The work we perform is held to the highest standards of quality that our clients have come to expect.

Hyatt Regency Inner Harbor Maryland

From the pre-construction phase, we work with you to put together the scope that matches your budget, we handle permitting and scheduling to make the construction process as smooth as possible. We then work with you on the design so that you are able to fully realize your dream building!

Cox HCS Inc. can provide custom Millwork designs, that match both your design and budget. Through our in-house fabrication we are able to tailor fit the designs to your exact specifications ensuring quality production, every time.